Current weather conditions Avon, Colorado

10/25/14 08:30:00 AM

Wind Speed 0 MPH
Wind Direction SSE
Barometric Pressure 30.152
Barometric Trend +.004
Tempature Trend +0.4 /Hr.
Time of today's maximum Temperature 12:00 AM
Today's maximum Temperature 44.1
Year of Record High Temp 1992
Record High Temp that Year 70
Year of Record Low Temp 1995
Record Low Temp that Year 14
Current Temp 38.4
Relative Humidity 51
Wind Chill 38.4
Dew Point 21.8
Sunrise 07:27 AM
Sunset 06:13 PM
Time of today's minimum Temperature 06:32 AM
Today's minimum Temperature 34.3
Record Snowfall for today's date 5.00
Year of record Snowfall for today's date 1997
Today's Peak Wind Gust 4 MPH
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