Current weather conditions Avon, Colorado

10/23/14 01:55:01 AM

Wind Speed 0 MPH
Wind Direction S
Barometric Pressure 30.122
Barometric Trend +.013
Tempature Trend -1.9 /Hr.
Time of today's maximum Temperature 12:00 AM
Today's maximum Temperature 38.8
Year of Record High Temp 2003
Record High Temp that Year 69
Year of Record Low Temp 2008
Record Low Temp that Year 6
Current Temp 36.2
Relative Humidity 89
Wind Chill 36.2
Dew Point 33.3
Sunrise 07:25 AM
Sunset 06:16 PM
Time of today's minimum Temperature 01:54 AM
Today's minimum Temperature 36.2
Record Snowfall for today's date 4.00
Year of record Snowfall for today's date 1995
Today's Peak Wind Gust 2 MPH
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